Branch Minutes

Exmouth Branch the Royal Marines Association


Lt Col Paul Harradine



Dennis Gover






19.30 hrs with 43 members present.

In the absence of the Chairman, The President Lt Col Paul Harradine opened the meeting, and welcomed all present.

Loyal toasts were taken, the following visitors were in attendance: –

From Force Naomi and Kay, From League of Friends David Beasley, From Exmouth Gateway Emma and Paul Baldwin. All were presented with a cheque for £150 for their charities along with a cheque for £150 for Exmouth Hospice who were not present. Each of the charities were asked to address the branch on the work they do for the community. The cheques were resented by the President. On completion the president asked the welfare rep to escort the visitors out of the meeting.

The President then presented a cheque for £4500 in aid of The Royal Marines Association the Charity to Phil Gilby RMA Southwest Regional Manager.

Phil then addressed the branch members present on his role as Southwest Manager and gave a detailed account of his duties and responsibilities and explained how money donated to the RMCTF were distributed in support of serving and non- serving Royal Marines and families. Phil then thanked the branch for all their hard work.


Apologies were received from Peter Jones, Tom Devin, Chris Ferguson

Paul Heydon, Paul Cook, Brian Hibbert, Dennis Gover, Terry Doyle, Ray Pilling, Sue Moreton and Kate Coe



The minutes of the last meeting were approved on a proposal from

Proposed by Clive Evans

Seconded by Ian Turnbull

Apologies accepted en-bloc

The president then asked if there were any new members present, we had one new member Mack Makenzie former driver who requested to join the branch

Secretary’s Report


Roy stated he had put up on the notice board a list of dates for the diary for Exmouth, Exeter and National events for members to read as they wish.

Roy said he had received a letter from the Plymouth Band who are giving a concert on the 4th of May should any member wish to go, this clashes with the Army and Navy rugby match at Twickenham at the same time.

Roy also had a letter from Lucy Butcher of the Royal Marines Charity seeking help for the Commando Challenge in October, Roy has sent her an invite to the May meeting to speak to the members.

Roy then said he had not yet heard from the band if there was to be a Beat Retreat this year’

The band will be doing its annual open-air concert at the Pavilion Gardens this June and as with Beat Retreat all monies raised go into to the Branch Benevolence account.

Armed Forces Day is on 22nd June both in Exmouth and Exeter more details later

Roy then informed members who had not heard that Central Office is now in building 72 in CTC the last wooden hut on camp.

How-ever the Welfare office is staying in Portsmouth


Treasurer Report


Sparky read out the Branch Current Finances to date.

Balance as at 14/03/2019

Account                                      Balance                                  year movement




Current ACC           £4840.84                                                -£3903.83

Petty cash               £206.39                                      £76.39

Armed Forces Day                       -£171.86                  £16.94

RMA Collections                          -£372.96                  £3285.83

Graspan                                      £66.00                    £00.00

Diners Club                                  £466.41                   £92.37

Benevolence Fund                       £231.21                  £600.00

GPF                                            £3738.79                                    £165.00

£5047.23                 £5047.23       £4068.83       £4068.83

Sparky said that the current balance shown is after the deduction of the Charity cheques just issued.

Membership rep


Branch subs were due at £5 per member

Welfare Rep


Nil report


Globe and Laurel



Mentors Rep


Roy reported that the mentor situation was now desperate, and unless we can get fresh blood the whole mentoring scheme will fail. Roy had been called in to CTW to discuss the current scheme as CTC wants two-man teams. Roy said he had initially 12 mentors’, two are permanently with Hunter troop. One (Ernie has had to withdraw through ill health), and Roy thanked Ernie for all he has done. One mentors had been asked to with draw from the scheme for reasons Roy would not comment that leave 7 mentors to cover a possible 8 troops per annum to counter this Roy said we were having to commit to one-man teams otherwise we along with Exeter cannot fulfil our role. Paul Harradine said that it is a CTC problem to solve not ours. Roy then said that at the AGM he would also be standing down as mentor rep

Fund Raiser


Harry reported that the last Tesco collection raised just over £900 and that the next Tesco collection is 25h of May. Harry then went on to ask for new faces to come along and help as he must rely and the same members all the time.

Harry then said if anyone new of any venue that would take one of our collecting boxes to let him know.




Clive addressed the meeting stating that at present he had only 20 couples to go to Graspan and would like a few more otherwise it a reunion that could fold.

Phil Gilby stood up and reiterated what Clive was saying and its not just Exmouth but the RMA, The Guards Regiment are in the same predicament and that is why they tag on to the end of Graspan. Also, Phil said that the RMA was giving the branch £1000 to pay for the coach to off set the cost. Cut off date for members is 29th March

Social Rep


Nil report


Chairman’s Report


Nil report



There were no propositions


Any Other Business.


Liam stood up and gave an open invite to all members to hi 70th Birthday bash this coming Saturday

Roy said Bob Horton was looking for volunteers to assist with the refer of the Galley Exterior scaffolding was going up outside on 25th March anyone wishing to help contact Bob.

Roy’s last point was to inform members of the Funeral of former WO11(D) Bill Baxter former SNCO’s mess manager is being held at 1300 21st March in East Devon Crematorium


Meeting closed at 20.30hrs




Next Committee Meeting:   Thursday                4th April 2019 at 19.30

Next Branch:                     Thursday                18th April 2019 at 19.30(AGM)

Dennis Gover                                                            Roy Davis

Branch Chairman                                                         Branch Secretary

07594604397                                                              01395278767


Frank Black