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New Years Eve was a good night in the Klub with an “American” buffet, disco, and lots of members in fancy dress. Apparently there was a discussion about the forthcoming Burns Supper and a lot of members admitted to being a little bit interested in the great man. It is said that I actually volunteered to do the “Address to the Haggis”! This apparently occurred just after midnight but I thought Bob and Liam were joking until I received Bob, s E-Mail “To remind  me!!

In spite of everything I actually enjoyed the Burns night in the Klub , especially after I finished my “Address  to the Haggis.” I was just a little bit nervous before the event particularly when I realised that both Liam and Duncan were word perfect and were in my audience !! To prove that the Klub is non sexist we had the haggis piped in by a lady piper, who was excellent. Both pipers then entertained us with variety of tunes as we enjoyed a haggis supper. It is worth mentioning that two years ago the” address” was given by Bob Horton, a proud Englishman, last year it was given by Liam, a proud Irishman, this year it was my turn, as a proud Scotsman. We are looking forward to next year when it will be given by a proud Welshman!!

We had an interesting Branch meeting in January when our President, Bill Mc Dermott, announced his retirement and introduced his relieve, Paul Harradine. It came as a complete surprise to members as he had not dropped any hints prior to the meeting! He gave his reasons as heavy commitments to other things in his life and felt that this was a good time to stand down for both him and the Branch. Bill Mc Dermott has given 10 years leadership and direction to the Branch and has been there in the back ground , giving advice or direction as and when needed. He kept a low profile but has been a very good President who will be missed. On behalf of all Branch members, I wish him well. Also on behalf of all Branch members, I would like to welcome Paul as our new President . I have no doubt that he will prove to be a success and we wish him well and look forward to getting to know him.

The following is a report from Duncan Cameron about his diving trip to the Red Sea and a suggestion that any Branch members who would like to know more about diving should speak to Duncan or Tug. There is a lot of fun to be had in this sport.

Strictly Come Diving

Branch members Roy(Tug)Wilson &Duncan(Sooty)Cameron took part in CTCRM Sub Aqua Club’s dive trip to the

Red Sea in early Dec. A week at sea on a live-aboard meant the first dive of the day commenced before breakfast,

with the 3rd and last dive in the late afternoon. Naturally ,”Up Spirits” was piped every evening ,pre-dinner!

Serving members on the trip were Lt Col Nick Bruce-Jones RM and WO1 Paul Cook RM. Other divers were former

RM PTI Steve Smith and WO2 John Poulton  (the club’s Diving Officer) from The Rifles. Civilian female club members

made up the rest of the party.

The highlight of the trip was a 10 minute acrobatic display by a 5 strong pod of dolphins ,at a depth of 20 metres(Tug

has the video evidence!),an encounter with a turtle and numerous humungous moray eels!

A close second to this was 3 dives on the SS Thistlegorm, the most famous wreck in the Red Sea. Despite the bomb

damage, her cargo can still be seen quite clearly–shunting locomotives, motor cycles, trucks, jeeps, bren carriers, Lee

Enfield rifles, ammunition (including 15″ shells) and Wellies!!

RMA members wishing to learn how to dive or brush up on their qualifications should contact Tug or Duncan.


I have to say that ever since our return both Tug and I ache all over(we are getting on a bit!),in fact the only part of me

that doesn’t ache is my hair!!!!!!!!!

Yours aye


 The following was sent written by Ian Turnbull as a follow up to his last article about the spirit of Spider Webb. It is published in his words …brilliant!!

 Hi Tom, as promised.

 Further to my last dit about triple amputee Cpl Spider Webb, a run ashore was organised at the Police Klub by myself and Clive Evans acouple of weeks before Christmas. The turn out was amazing which goes to show how popular Spider is. Members of his old training team including Capt. Jon Lasker RM, Sgt Si Greening RM, Spence Spencer and amazingly members of the now passed for duty 119Tp, which in fact was Spiders last troop before being drafted to 45Cdo RM. A few pints were quaffed, port flowed freely thanks to Clive and a lot of dittys told. In all a good time was had by all. This is what the Corps Family is all about, priceless.